Let RaceIQ take the guesswork out of your setup!

RaceIQ is the only fully featured run logging, analysis, and prediction software available for your phone, tablet, or PC/Mac. Don't let the price of $9.99 fool you - This is a serious software package, brought to you by a professional software architect. The days of having to spend $200+ for racing software are over!

RaceIQ will work on the following devices (and you can share data between devices):
  • PCs, Laptops, and Macs
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android Phones
  • Android Tablets
  • Kindle Fire
What users are saying:

"Awesome! The support is incredible and the app works great! If you are a bracket, points, or class racer this a must have app!"

"A must have for all serious drag racers! This app gives you everything you need...and all right at your finger tips!"

"A must have if you drag race. After using this app, I can only laugh at my old way of keeping track of my times."

"One of the best apps I have downloaded for my phone"

Now available on the iOS App Store, Android Market, Google Chrome, and Amazon App Store.


  • Logging over 100 aspects of each and every run down the track
  • ET Prediction - Two formulas are available. Both use DA and up to 7 of your previous runs (you choose the runs to use).
  • Side-by-Side run comparison for up to 7 runs allows you to see over 40 different aspects of the runs all on the same screen for easy comparison
  • One-Click DA feature which will retrieve current weather conditions based on your GPS location and calculate DA for you as well as automatically populate that information into runs
  • Completely portable, does not require an internet connection for anything other than Density Altitude lookup and Backup/Restore.
  • Powerful and graphical reporting that allows you to visually see what changes are affecting your vehicle and how
  • Allows the user to input their own weather data if they have a weather station
  • Provides 20 custom fields that you can label as anything you want
  • Management of maintenance that can automatically tell you when different parts need to be replaced or checked. You choose when/how many runs an item should live through and RaceIQ keeps track and alerts you when you should examine the item.
  • Segment/Interval times (i.e. 60-330, 330-1/8, etc...) are automatically calculated and displayed in graphs/reports/filters.
  • Handles multiple vehicles, and you can specify which vehicle you want displayed on reports/graphs. Several users are logging runs of 4+ vehicles using one copy of RaceIQ.
  • Automatic sea level correction on new runs which allows you to make an apples-to-apples comparison between runs which have different a DA.
  • Allows users to download their data and import it into other programs
  • Gives users the ability to backup their data online for safe keeping
  • Simple, easy to use interface

Weather Data

Knowing the weather conditions during your run is an important aspect to understanding your vehicle's performance. In addition to allowing you to manually enter weather data such as temperature, wind speed, barometric pressure, humidity, and density altitude, we provide you with an automated function to gather this data. This is not available on the Kindle Fire or through the Chrome Application.

Simply click "One-Click D/A" on the main screen, or "Get Weather" under the "Weather Conditions" box on the run editing screen. RaceIQ will then use your device's GPS (if supported) to get the current weather conditions in your area.


RaceIQ can run on an iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or Tablet, Kindle Fire, or a normal computer - None of these options require you to be connected to the internet to input data (the automatic weather collection requires internet access). To install on one of the mobile devices listed, go to that devices app market or app store (click the icons below to be taken directly to the app).

To install on a normal computer, you must first download Google Chrome if you haven't already. Chrome is a free web browser from Google. After you have downloaded Chrome, open it up and click here, or click "Apps" on the bottom of the window and search for "RaceIQ". When you find RaceIQ you will see a button to purchase and download the application.

See it in action

Here is a YouTube video showing how RaceIQ works. Captions explaining what is happening are at the bottom. It's best to watch this in full screen. This is the Chrome version, but the other versions are very similar:

Click here to view the video

Custom Reports

If you need a graph of other data that is not shown on the Performance Report, you can use the "Custom Report" menu item. This will bring you to a page where you can select any two of the fields you have populated for a run and generate a graph based on those fields.

For example, lets say I want to know what my 60' times are based on my tire PSI. To do this I simply select those two fields after clicking "Custom Graph" on the Reports page. A graph is automatically generated and shown on my screen.

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